Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an Allegis Customer?

Simply call one of our customer service experts at 800.566.6112. We’ll set up an account for you and you can immediately login to our secure 24×7 Online Services to begin uploading your digital audio.

What does the Allegis Secure Online Self-Services Center offer?

First and foremost, our web-based services center offers enterprise-grade security, which we know is a major concern for large P&C organizations. Besides the ability to quickly and easily place orders and upload digital audio files to Allegis for transcription, it also allows you to view, print, and download your transcripts right from our secure site. Our Online Services Center holds copies of your transcripts for 60 days so extra copies and reprints are right at your fingertips. From here you can also forward copies of your transcripts to a third-party via email.

What is your turnaround? How fast do I get my transcripts back?

Allegis offers a variety of turnaround times so you get your completed statements back when you need them.  Our Standard service level turnaround for digital audio is 4 business days, Priority is 2 business days and Rush (with a 4-hour turnaround) is available for audio recordings that are no more than 40 minutes in length. For cassette orders, turnaround times are 5 days for standard, 3 days for Priority and 1 day for Rush/Next Day.  All cassette turnarounds include courier time to and from Allegis if shipped using overnight or rush service.

What format are completed transcripts in?

For increased document security, completed transcripts are returned in the Portable Document Format (PDF) but transcripts are also available in Microsoft Word if preferred.

How do I sign up for Allegis’ Online Services?

Simply call us at (800) 566-6112 to receive your User Name and Password to access our Secure Online Self-Service Center.

How do I get my transcripts back?

Most of our customers choose to download their completed transcripts from our Secure Online Self-Service Center. When a transcript is complete, an e-mail notification is sent to inform you your transcript is ready for download. You can also opt to receive your completed transcripts via email if preferred. Additional forms of document retrieval are available as well.

How do I place an order online?

Select the transcription services, turnaround times and return options you need via our Secure Online Self-Service Center and upload your audio file(s). If you have legacy cassette tapes, all you need to do is place your order online and then ship the cassettes to our office. Once we receive the cassette(s) we’ll match them with the online order details and will begin transcribing!

How do I track my orders online?

As an Allegis Online Services Center customer, you are able to track all of your claim numbers and find out important information about your recorded statements such as the names of the participants, date of interview, date of loss, number of pages of the completed transcript and total price. Simply login to our Online Services Center and click on the Claim Number Tracking link. Enter the claim number in the Claim Number field and select the Search button.

Can I track an order if I don’t know the claim number?

Yes! The Claim Number Tracking feature in our Online Services Center allows you to search by claim number, transcript invoice number, participant name or date of loss. Additionally, you can conduct partial name searches to broaden your search results.

How do I change my customer setup information?

For account changes please contact Allegis’ customer service at or call 800.566.6112.

Where do I change my password?

Passwords changes are required every 90 days and must be between 8 and 16 characters and must contain at least one number, one upper case letter, and one special character. Simply login to our Online Services Center and click My Account. Select Edit User Name/Password. You may edit your Password from this screen. Simply enter a new password and click on “Post Password Changes.”

What if I lose my password?

Please contact Allegis’ customer service team at or call 1.800.566.6112 for assistance with resetting your password.

Lost or forgotten passwords are never provided over the telephone. If a lost or forgotten password is requested, an Allegis representative will email a password to the email address we have on file for your online account.

If I do have legacy cassettes I need transcribed, what types of physical media do you support and how do they get to Allegis?

Allegis accepts any tape format including micro cassette, standard cassette, mini cassette, information reel and CD-ROM. Simply fill out the online order in our Secure Online Self-Service Center and ship the cassette(s) to our office via your preferred shipping provider.

When do we get our original tapes back?

If you send any recorded interviews to Allegis on cassette tape, your original recorded statement tapes are returned to you every two weeks with our SingleShip consolidated shipping service. Cassettes are available at any time if needed before the SingleShip shipping date.