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Need reliable insurance transcription services? We’ve been helping P & C companies since 1996. Learn more about our multiple turnaround options, data security and our strict attention to detail.

Insurance Transcription Services for Property & Casualty Companies

Looking for a reliable insurance transcription partner that can scale to your specific needs? Since 1996, we’ve worked with P&C insurers like yours – and we’re ready to help your company, too.

Here’s how:


Flexible, scalable transcription services

Maybe your company has seasonal fluctuations, and you need help digging out of a backlog. Or, you have a consistent stream of claims that requires expert transcription. Whatever your needs, we’ve got your back.
Plus, we can offer your company multiple turnaround options – even as fast as four hours!

Learn more about our insurance transcription pricing and turnaround times.


Your data is always safe and secure

From order submission to order return, your data always stays in our closed-loop system and is never at risk. Prevention is our first line of defense and our dedicated security team is always hard at work protecting customer data. With over two decades serving leading P&C insurers, we can confidently say we have a comprehensive understanding of industry security requirements.

Learn more about our air-tight data security measures.


Strict attention to accuracy and detail

Tired of working with transcription companies that don’t understand the insurance industry? Every transcriptionist receives specialized training in industry formatting and terminology. Plus, our QA department reviews transcripts to ensure the accuracy of content critical to claim determination, including facts of loss, damage, injury, and party identification.

Discover how our insurance transcription services can help your company, today.

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