Angela Shorter Finds More than a Work-from-Home Transcription Job at Allegis

Angela and her family in a recent family photo.

Freelance transcriptionist enjoys fulfilling career, flexibility and family time

A busy mother of two boys, age 11 and 6, was looking for a work-from-home transcription job to fit her hectic schedule. Along with homeschooling, taking her sons to baseball games, karate lessons, theater rehearsals, and more, she also had a host of household responsibilities to manage on a daily basis. Plus, she wanted to earn money in a field she was passionate about.

Sound familiar?

Well, meet Angela Shorter, a busy wife and mother who found true career happiness with Allegis Transcription. We caught up with Angela via phone (working from home in her pajamas at 2:45 p.m.!), and here’s what she had to say…

The Early, Freelance Transcriptionist Days Were Rough!

Angela started as a freelance transcriptionist in 2007 in the medical field. However, she was not a fan of the terminology used in that industry and lacked passion for her work. “I’m all about finding your passion because if we’re not passionate about what we’re doing, we’re not going to have the desire to keep doing it,” she says.

Because of this, Angela stopped doing transcription and took a few years off to spend time with her young children and successfully move her family to a new home in Loganville, Georgia. Once they were settled, she decided to try transcription again and began pursuing opportunities at companies outside of the medical field. This is when she discovered the world of general transcription where she could “relate more to the material.”

Angela also researched numerous companies via online forums and chat rooms specifically for transcriptionists. And after hearing good things about Allegis Transcription and their tier system on Transcription Haven and other sites, she decided to apply to the company. However, on her first try, she was rejected. “In my heart, it felt like complete rejection, and I was so upset,” she states.

Rejection Leads to Transcribing Success.

For Angela, this rejection gave her the determination to improve her skills. “I’m stubborn, and I don’t like the word ‘no,’” she exclaims. “I don’t like the fact that there’s a possibility that I can’t do something or the feeling as if I’ve failed and I knew I wanted to be with Allegis!”

Because of this drive, Angela continued to hone her skills while working at other, freelance transcription jobs, which involved transcribing everything from company earnings calls to focus groups. Many of the audio files were in the two-to four-hour range.

She liked her general transcription work, which became increasingly enjoyable as her level of experience grew. “In the transcription field, the more experience you have, the easier it’s going to be to flow into the format, transcription styles, expectations, and guidelines that you have to meet for each company,” she says.

After about a year, Angela found that she needed shorter audio-jobs that would work better with her hectic schedule so she applied at Allegis again. And this time, she was accepted! “It was like a weight had been lifted from me because our life is chaotic, but I still want to be able to work,” she says. Now, when her husband gets home from his job, Angela says they are able to “fill in the gaps for each other.” The shorter audio files, which are fifteen minutes long on average, are easier to work into her day.

Angela’s Work-from-Home Transcription Job Offers Numerous Benefits.

This control over her workload was a priority for Angela. “I did not decide to do transcription for the money,” she states. “I did it because of the flexibility to be able to be at home and reap the rewards of being with my children. I only have a short time in the lives of both of them before they are grown and moving on, and I want to make sure that I am here. That aspect of it means more to me than the monetary aspect.”

And Angela has even used her transcription work at Allegis as a teaching tool for her children. With the flexibility she has in choosing assignments, her family travels “wherever they feel they want to go.” And, she uses this opportunity to homeschool her children in different locations, taking her work with her. In fact, she recounts one job where she was transcribing detailed information about street names, and the next week, she was actually with her boys in Florida driving down that same road!

On another occasion, Angela’s grandfather passed away, and she was able to jump in the car and drive up to Virginia at the last minute with her mother. And when her mother was driving, Angela was transcribing in the passenger seat with her foot pedal and laptop!

“When we were driving up to Virginia, the whole time I was thinking, ‘this is where I need to be,’ and my transcription work provides that kind of flexibility to even be able to work while I am on the road,” she says.

Transcriber Gives Insights on Working for Allegis Transcription.

While Angela experiences a lot of flexibility, educational opportunities, and other benefits from Allegis, she also has the opportunity to make a good income.

“With the Allegis pay structure, I am very goal-oriented and break out how many days I want to work during the week and make it happen,” she states. “I figure out what I need at the end of each week, monetary wise, and what I need to complete to make it happen.” In fact, Angela gets up at 4:00 a.m. (with her husband who drives to Atlanta for work) during the week and starts working on her transcripts. “That’s my quiet time, and nine times out of ten, that’s when I choose to work.”

As a freelance transcriptionist, Angela enjoys numerous benefits. But, she also tells us about some challenges too. These include dealing with recordings where: people are talking over one another, there is a lot of swearing or background noise, the voices are difficult to understand, or the audio quality is poor. Plus, she mentions that occasionally, you can get an upsetting audio that describes an unfortunate auto accident, injury or situation.

At the same time, Angela says that she hears some interesting, strange and humorous stories on the audios too. For example, on one occasion, she listened to an older woman, “let the interviewer have it” when he repeatedly asked her the same questions trying to evoke a different response. “It was hilarious, and my kids were asking me why I was laughing so hard,” says Angela.

Persistence Pays Off.

With all of the aspects involved in her transcription work, Angela enjoys it and recommends Allegis to other, high achievers. But, she offers some advice. “The Allegis training process is difficult, and this is not a business for everyone,” she states. “In order to succeed in this, you have to have a passion for it and be determined, persistent and coachable.”

Angela also notes that it took her about six months working for Allegis to begin feeling comfortable with the verbatim transcription. “It’s not just about typing, it’s the training and doing better than you did yesterday so that you can meet higher goals,” she says.

And for those thinking about pursuing a career in transcription, Angela recommends that people get the necessary skills, practice, research reputable companies, and start testing. She says, “You’re truly never going to know if you like it unless you do it. The reason I do what I do is because I love it!”

As an independent contractor, Angela is thankful for where she is. “Not only can I take it with me, but I can work at home, I can homeschool my children, I can be where they need to be, and I can help financially at the same time.”

We’d like to thank Angela and congratulate her on her success.


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  1. I feel exactly like Angela. This sounds like my life exactly, the hectic days, and the flexibility allow me to do a job that I am passionate about, while making money doing so. Thank you for this post.

  2. Angela’s story is such an inspiration. Keep trying! Follow your passion! When my medical transcription career of 20+ years was outsourced, I decided to take a different path still hoping to use my passion and exceptional skills in transcription. I tested with Allegis and failed. It was so different, yet I knew I wanted to type, not edit voice wreck. I’ve since taken a paralegal and legal transcription course, done online work with general, law enforcement and insurance transcription, and here I am applying again. I can’t wait to hear back on my results and get started learning, expanding my skills, and applying my passion for transcription with this great company.

  3. I, too, am a long-time Veteran of Medical Transcription, over 30 years. I have applied with Allegis and failed, so disappointing to me. Devastated me also. My government contract was with a company that had NO transcription experience, but that got the contract. So, in less than a year, with no warning from the company, the contract was dismissed from the government base. Now, I am collecting unemployment, but I want to work. So, here, I am now, applying again and pray I will get this job with Allegis. I have a mother, whom I take care of, with dementia and rheumatoid arthritis, so this would be a Godsend for me. I have applied other places, but didn’t like the “fit” of their work ethics. I want to thank everyone for posting something positive about this company. I can’t wait to hear from them. Prayers needed.


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